Light Language day 2

You know by now that “everything is energy”… and by that I mean everything.
All energy has a specific and unique frequency and all energy is a form of Light. Every particle of Light is information, and that means that everything is information too… You may have written your own language, maybe even sounded it, danced it 🙂

Light Language day 2 Coming june 15th

During the Light Language classes you connect with your (consciousness)/Higher Self, your Spirit Family and Guides.
This time we will dive deeper into the connection with our conciousness. Even with eachother in very unexpected ways 🙂

The intent is that you will  be able to move forward on your Soul Path with ease and grace and create the reality you truly desire, in a conscious and loving way.

Practical information:  (Nieuwe datum!!)

This class  2 will be a mix of Dutch and English.
Alleen toegankelijk als je LightLanguage dag 1 ook hebt gedaan.

Vrijdag 15 juni in Den Haag
11.00 tot 15.00 uur
Bijdrage workshopdag € 40,- (graag contant)
(incl. lunch* € 50,-)
De Stadhouder. Stadhouderslaan 9 Den Haag (parkeren achter het gebouw gratis)
Aanmelden kan hieronder

*We kunnen een (h)eerlijke verse Spaanse (vegetarische) lunch laten komen.
Laat hieronder graag weten of je dat ook wilt. (€ 10,-)

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