My passion is de-stressing…

I love my work as trauma therapist, psychic reader, stressconsultant,
New Paradigm-explorer

I work with a wide variation of techniques. The ones i found to be effective and profound and -pretty nice- fastworking!  Aswel as individually as In-Company
No need to meet me in person. Our modern communication tools make it easy to work worldwide.  Interestingly enough, it works just as well as live.

My vision

You have suffered (long) enough. Freeiing oneself (from fear, trauma, life-angst) should go as quick as possible in a trustful, reliable and constructive way. I am specialised in just that. The energy-loss of all fears is gruesome.

Trauma can be released in one or two (longer) sessions. Since I am psychic reader aswel, I zoom in on the root cause of the problem (surprisingly often different than the reason for consulting me) and we clean out the source of the trauma.

In the slipstream of this release, many build-upon-the-root stuff comes free aswell.
This being: shock, childtime-trauma, abuse, trust-issues,  unknown deep fears, relationship-fear, fear of flying, darkness etc. In fact, almost every unbalancing factor that keeps you from living your best self.
All those unbalances take lots and lots of energy and is tremendous hard on all body-systems

Ofcourse i take care to not upset the system beyond control.
Psychic-reading is a great guide for the amount of release, the speed of it and the whole proces.
It makes it safe AND fast.

My passion

Your (my) SELF wants to participate, to thrive, to LIVE. Because that is exactly what we came here (on this planet) for. To take our place in those times of huge change.

We came here for a reason, with a plan. To experience something. And through that experience to build up our power and find out what our most and deepest reasons for participating here is. One of it being: our freedom and the full expression of the true YOU/ME.
And whichever work or lifestyle you have, that is just part of it. Does not matter really.

New Paradigm …  no woo-woo 🙂

So, having said that: my specialty is helping to release the chains of the past. Let go of the programming that is holding you back from living the FULL you.

I love to share my insights and discoveries on the path of merging into and participating in the New Paradigm.
So i searched for the fastest and most effective ways to release. Once faced and released, it is GONE…forever, to never return.

The New Paradigm has started so we are done reliving and recycling old pains, patterns, in order to understand, learn, little by little and grow inch by inch.

Now, we empty the bucket theme by theme, throw out what keeps us low in energy,  clean out the Old Paradigm.
Gone is gone…forever. And so it is.
So we connect fully with the New Paradigm!

POWERsessions ?

So, if you feel caught in old pain, trauma, shock, shame, unhealthy habits or what have you, come for a session.
You will feel larger, clearer, happier, feel open to all kinds of possibilities and free.

POWERsessions are for those who are done with deep and endless analysis, long processes.

For those who know what bothers them, but have problems letting go of it
For those who are done with being a victim of (old) situations and beliefs
For those ready to live your own truth
For those longing for freedom and aware that it is laying just around the corner…but how to get there…
For those ready to go where they never have gone before…

This may sound dramatic and heroïc…and yes, it IS heroïc and can be dramatic (in the best ever way that is)
You make the changes you planned to make  longtime ago.
And I assist you to go there in a safe and quick way.

I love doing that. And with 30 plus years of experience being a therapist, I know what I am talking about .

Burn-Out coaching

In case of Burn-out or lots of stress, more (shorter) sessions will be needed, for the body and mind have been wearing itself out on hormonal levels (and more) and the restoration takes longer.

However, taking out the root-cause does help to speed up restoration big time. Combined with rest, healthy habits (food, moving, mind) that is.

So a ‘come-back’ from a burn-out is better done thorough, to ensure it never comes back. This thorough recovery happens by removing the root cause for the burn-out.
In lots of BO trajects, the root cause is not addressed. In my opinion a missed chance and a shame really.

So Burn-Out coaching takes some time for the body to balance out again. However it results into healthy, happy energised people.

Practical info

A POWERsession takes 1,5 – 2 hours and can be taken live or per Zoom.

For most issues 1-3 sessions are enough to clear and give you new ground under your feet to built on.

Costs: (private person) € 110,- per hour (excl. tax 21%)
Business:                       € 150,- per hour (excl tax 21%)

Feel free to contact me. I am located up North (Frysian area) and mostly via Zoom, which works out great and saves a lot of time.

Do you have a question? Please, feel free...

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